fredag 17. april 2015

S U N & spring...

After a week with fever and a close realtinonship with my bed,
it feels extra great when it stops raining, the fog drifts out of my fjord, and the sun flows into the house... And when I manage to walk around without feeling I`m gonna fall... Just like magic...

I had to create something,
ofcourse. So allthough I`m coughing a lot,
and get tired out of nothing,
I managed to blog!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


tirsdag 14. april 2015

Y O U give me fever...

Second floor between the bedrooms

Some pictures of an area never shown on my blog before...
Painted yeasterday, not quite finished, but today I have stayed in bed with fever. I guess the remaining work will wait for me! 


mandag 13. april 2015

T H A N X . . .


Have a wonderful week!

søndag 12. april 2015

I T ` S A B I T lonely...

To blog in 2015 is a lonely experience.
When I started i 2009, the idèa was to create a creative network.
To be in contact with others, to get out of my bubble.

These days blogging means something quite different.
I share my pictures, without expecting comments back. It`s OK.
But sometimes it feels meaningless? You have no idea if your readers like what they see?
Instagram is the new way. And I see it is less complicated. Not all the words, and fixing the pictures from your phone. Maybe it`s time to give up blogging? 

Thank`s to the few of you still posting a comment!
You make a difference for me, I have to admit.

You find me on instagram as DRAUMESIDENE


torsdag 9. april 2015

D R A U M E F A N G A R à la Draumesidene D I Y dreamcatcher

D I Y - dreamcatcher

Since my blogs name is The Dreampages, it`s good to
finally have made an item like this!


søndag 5. april 2015

onsdag 1. april 2015

L I V I N G R O O M second floor

We have grey weather today, It`s snowing? Typically April-weather
in the west-coast of Norway. Suddenly the sun breaks through, and the white have to give up...

I`m inside painting, trying to finish some of my projects.


P Å S K E E A S T E R E N J O Y !



søndag 22. mars 2015

E A S T E R around the corner...

Dette trur eg alle klarer å få til?
Greiner i knupp, som for øvrig var slik når eg fann dei ute i dag!
Dei er frå eit kjempegammalt plommetre som alltid er så tidleg ute med blomstrane sine.

Egg knekte i to?

Og ein tøtsj av hønsefjør...

V O I L A !

Min påskepynt! 


tirsdag 17. mars 2015

mandag 16. mars 2015

M A K E O V E R bad 2.etg

Det går framover med prosjektet på hovedbadet, men ikkje så veldig fort.
Kommoden som stod på kjøkkenet skal bli nytt servantskap.
Dei blå og kvite flisene frå 1998 har blitt svarte og kvite
ved hjelp av epoxymåling. Eit krevjande arbeid,
men veldig fint resultat!


lørdag 14. mars 2015

H A G E S T O V A - sesongåpning!

 Verd ein FANFARE!
Første måltidet i 2015 på hagestova! ALLTID ein høydare
for små og store. Det var taco som stod på menyen, 
og vi ser fram til mange fine stunder
ute i "bestestova".

Nyt helga vidare!